46. F6) Operation Bengazi, September 11, 2012

Operation Bengazi, September 11, 2012

998312_1383063435303658_1294636218_n The Truth of Bengazi…

Make No Mistake,
What ever Political Party you are a member of,
Your Tail will curl up between your legs and you will walk home in Shame & Disgrace…
Bengazi started with the assination of Mohamar Kaddaffi…

The Assasination Of Kaddaffi took place because Statements made and recorded in this file concerning up coming statements made in a Think Tank to possibly used by a T-PARTY member to Achieve the Republican Nomination,
The main topic that drove to the Assasination of kaddaffi was the reference to the killing of El-magrahi the flight 103 bomber.
I believe the regime did pick up on these conversations and had to do something to keep an average regular american from making them publicaly AND
By pointing the fact that el-magrahis release was pushed by CLINTON and OBAMA…
The day ASK & TELL was repealed the first BENGAZI video was made,
OBAMA 12-22-10
But Why the Attack?
I estimate the the Attack on Bengazi was an order given by Clinton and or HologramOBama to Appease the new Dictator of Egypt based on messages i sent directly to MuhammeD Morsi and All his contacts Condeming Obama and Clinton for entertaining the idea to Limit free speech in the usa in public refrences to the negative aspects of Islam or Islamic Countries, regimes, factions, gangs or individual members of islam.

I sent Morsi e-messages in my language (english) and in 4 or 5 others as close to the regional dialects as possible to make my stand against these bills that were to be presented to the United Nations. i was under the impression these ideas were being created with Morsi and his anti west counter parts so i sent my statements directly to him in the strongest language he persnaly would understand. the average westerner would not under stand…

Using various identities,
I joined think tanks in many parties and political groups within the usa.
I used the intel i gathered to come up with my own interpretations of the things i was observing that i deemed PSYOCOLOGICAL and POLITICAL attacks on the American People and the Constitution.
I could not get my points across to members of what were political people on my side of the isle.
I assumed they were acting as spys or double agents.
I had no recourse but to TAKE ACTION and Deal with the Situation Directly.

I sent Morsi the pictures of the profit m wich in itself is an offensive act with a letter attched.
I uploaded the photo of a picture i drew with my own pen to Morsis social site…

I then took this link and shared it with 500 of his contacts in his contact list. Then i took and shared it with as many of those contacts personal contact lists.

At the same time i had created a list of what i precieved to be dangerous militants within the lists of lists i was filtering…

After it was all said and done,
I sent everything to various intel agencies within the us government.
I waited a period of time then i sent it to what i thought were pro american political figures. (party does not apply when it comes to Attacking my country)

(including the attack that was due to hit the united states on 10-27-12 S.S.S.)

Starting on 9-05-2012 i then began to place all of this informatioan on the Social Sites of the Clinton family…
9-05-2012 either 9:13pm or 9:31
I emphasized that they were embarrasing them selves and that if they continued to kill random people to hide the evidence they assumed the people had that it was going to crush them.

i informed them that if the planned attck that was to take place in the USA on 10-27-12 that I PERSONALY would send out every letter of information i could find on her to the Families of the murder victums, Political enemies, and kaddaffi sympathizers that would help them locate her.
She did kill kadaffis grand children on the Fake Binladen Raid…


I would STAND DOWN and not see anything…
Why did the members of The U.S. GOVERNMENT let or FUND the Attck in BENGAZI on 9:40 am 9-11-2012?

Since 9-06-2001 i have stood by my statements that 9-11-01 was an attack on the American People by The Clintons and Doubleagent Traitors within the Bush administration.

I accused the clintons of placing people key positions over an 8 year period begining in 1993 to be able to pull of one of the Largest heists in american history…

I acussed the Clinton administration of paving the way for 9-11-01.

I located evidence to substantiate my claims.

The State department under Clinton Created Bengazi…

Ive been claiming Obama is Osama scince 2004 +- …

(Osama-Obama Link)

I want the $77,000,000.00

The reason why the date and the time was chosen for the Bengazi Case is,



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